Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yay, Catalog Choice! Boo, Sundance Catalog!

Catalog Choice continues to be run an awesome program: efficiently and easily removing people from catalog mailings. Every now and then a catalog sneaks through the mailbox, and it's a guilty pleasure for me, but by and large we receive 1 or 2 catalogs a week at most. An average household must receive a dozen or two per week this time of year. (Online I read that the average american household receives 88 catalogs a year but that seems way low to me. Feels like, before Catalog Choice, I received that many just between LandsEnd and SierraTraders!) Looking at my account I see I've canceled 82 different catalogs in the past few years. Most of them were from companies which purchased my name, not companies I buy from.

In an effort to cancel future Sundance catalogs, I went straight to CatChoice, where they informed me this company, which seems to tout it's green cred, doesn't participate. So I figure a little public shaming might help. Sundance! Behave! Be a good corporate citizen and help people to cut down on mailings which you send and they don't want. Duh.

Here are the CatalogChoice instructions:

Sundance Jewelry requires an email from you to opt-out of their mailings. Fill out the form below to create the email message. This will also record your request in My Choices. Alternatively, you can call them at . Or call 800-422-2770

Please remove me from your catalog mailing lists. I no longer wish to receive your mailings. Do not rent or sell my name and address to other organizations.
Your Name, Address
Your Customer Number:
Your Customer Source Code

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