Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Flush: Dual Toilet Controls for the Eco-Centric

Dual flush toilets have been around for awhile, but now local plumbers know what they are - not the case a few years ago. Simple tech, makes a lot of sense. On a trip to Europe and Israel I photographed a few different styles back in the day.

Here is an article from the very mainstream (pardon the pun) AARP, reporting on modification kits to add to conventional toilets. Sounds like they pay for themselves, for a family of four, in about a year. And even if you're not in it for the $ savings, it's a great way to contract your eco-footprint without any loss of convenience - especially prudent if you live in the drought-plagued Sun Belt.
Save a Buck: Flush Right
Dual-flush devices allow more economical toilet use

In a typical household, a toilet consumes the most water—roughly 27 percent of the total, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. A dual-flush model cuts that usage by providing full flushes to dispose of solid waste and half-flushes for liquids.

But before you pay $300 or more for a new toilet, you may want to consider a conversion kit for your existing unit. Available for $99 at major retailers, the Perfect Flush works with a top-mounted push-button box. It takes about 30 minutes for a homeowner to install and can save a family of four about $100 a year in water costs, the company says.

Similar products are Select A Flush and Aquanotion’s TwoFlush.

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