Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Gift: A [Gently Used] Picture Book Library

Baby registries are all the rage, and I don't like them any more than I like wedding registries. Practical, yes. Personal, no. A friend's Amazon registry gave me a new approach. They had included many children's books they'd enjoy for their new daughter, and specified that "gently used" would be just fine. (Smart parents!). However, when you buy used books on Amazon - and you can often find books for $.01, since vendors can make money on the shipping), you pay the shipping for each book, so they all cost at least $3.96, and you can't combine shipping, since each title comes from a unique vendor.
But! Check out Powells Used Book Store in Portland. You can buy a gift certificate and send it to the new fam. They can then go online and pick whatever books they want. Powell's used children's picture books online are not dirt cheap like Amazon, but they are heavily discounted. So financially and environmentally, the parents will come out way ahead, and all the books in the order ship together. I am EXCITED about giving this gift! And isn't the Curious George card fun?

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Julie Hankin said...

Oooh, come check out Powell's in person. It's not just a used book store. On the shelves together are new books, used books and rare edition books -- sometimes all of the same book. Very fun place to find gifts. (For me, the library works well.) See