Monday, April 20, 2009

GreenBagLady Kudos

Since Earth Day is coming up, time for a fun post. One of my most popular was a little piece on making bags out of T Shirts. Since Weavers Way, the Food Coop where I've shopped for 23 years, has never given out bags, I've been using cloth for so long I can't remember. However, to my utter dismay, the supermarket - which dutifully sells reusable bags - seems to give out as many plastic bags as ever. Supermarkets! Get with the program! If you charge people for bags, guess what? They will stop using them. Charge alot!
In the meantime, I give my Earth Day Funk award to The GreenBag Lady - she has sewn thousands of bags and given them away on her website. I think she's tapped out on the giving it away for free thing, but does do exhibitions. Here's a video of her showing you just how to make a simple bag. For me, I prefer heavier materials which stand up by themselves - they're easier to pack groceries into. But this is so fun. Hat tip to my niece Sarit!

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