Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vote for 2,000,000 Trees!

Trees for the Future is one of my favorite non-profits. Their seedling trees grow to provide livelihood and environmental improvement for people in degraded areas, all the while absorbing our industrial world's climate changing carbon. And they do this for $.10 a tree, hiring and training local arborists. This develops a great infrastructure to keep the reforestation going, another benefit. They're up for a grant of $200,000, hence the 2 million tree number. Please vote for this awesome project! It's a quick sign-up, and they're only a few votes behind the front runner. Read their words:

Vote for 2 MILLION Trees
How about a TWO MILLION TREE OPPORTUNITY? Green Mountain Coffee is offering several grants of $200,000 each for environmentally beneficial projects. TREES has submitted a proposal to assist coffee growers cooperatives in Ethiopia by developing "shade-grown" coffee along with other livelihood opportunities, especially organic honey production, where the bees have also proven to boost coffee harvests as much as 60%.

You can help TREES get this grant by voting
here. We are only 200 votes behind the lead project in our category, but everyone is rallying votes in the final push before voting closes on March 21st. Your vote for us will help upland families rebuild their lands in coffee growing communities around the world. Thanks for your help.

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