Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Garnett Hill Customer Service - Thumbs Up

Garnett Hill's upscale catalogue includes some green products. Since I like deals, I usually check at the end of the season to see if something I have coveted is discounted. This year I went for the beautiful Asian style pajamas I have admired for quite a few years.
They are a smart company to keep an actual style from year to year and change colors and fabrics. One of my pet peeves is going back to replace something I love, only to find the whole fashion genre has gone extinct.
I ordered two pair of these pricey PJ's, on discount, and they were both too big. I returned them, asking for two new pairs in their smallest size, @ $48.00 (not $68, their normal price!) They are lovely, beautiful, and I will enjoy them for a long time. My daughter loved hers, too.
I don't normally plug products, even green ones, so why am I writing?
When I checked my credit card bill [yes, you should always do this!] I discovered they had charged me $74 for each of the new ones. I called the company and discovered that only certain discontinued colors were on sale. Tricky. Since I had done the choosing online, there was no way to verify how this was communicated. After a few minutes of research, the customer service rep automatically kicked it up to her manager. I didn't need to huff and puff, escalate, and threaten; THIS IS COMPANY PROTOCOL. The manager said only one of the color choices was $48, but indeed applied that price to both.
This morning in my inbox: a record of my refund.
Better not to overcharge to begin with, of course, but once that's occurred, this is a model of how a company should respond. Go Garnett Hill!

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