Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Used Sneakers Fund Sustainable Farming in Africa

What to do with used sneakers? If you happen to have 600 pairs, you alone can set a Ghanian family up in sustainable farming, through a cool organization called PPPF Africa, - Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation.
Here's the deal:
1. There are collection recepticles around the NorthEastern US. You can locate them on the site.
People drop their "used but not abused" sneakers in them.
2. Eventually these sneakers are shipped to Ghana where they are resold. Most Ghanians cannot afford new sneakers, let alone multiple pairs....
3. The proceeds from the sale of 600 pairs pays for a small farmer to receive a M.O.R.E. module, the video shown above. Modular Organic Regenerative Environments include livestock, a well, irrigation, 50 fruit trees and all kinds of other inputs which will allow a family multiple harvests a year, all achieved sustainably, so there is no environmental harm. I imagine planting the trees helps to maintain the water table? The 1200 running shoes generate approximately $1800.
If you're inspired, they will help you set up a collection receptacle. It's a great project for a school class, a club, or faith-based group. Perfect for colleges at the end of the year when students are jettisoning everything possible!
Founder Jim Riordan has a background in sustainable agriculture in developing countries. It's run by a handful of dedicated people, with a fun slogan:
Please Help Shoe-In Prosperity!


Anonymous said...

Where can you donate? I live in Philadelphia PA.

Betsy Teutsch said...

There is a big barrel outside weavers way coop in Mt. Airy - last I saw it was quite full. Or email the folks at their website.