Wednesday, December 17, 2008

UPS Regifter: Tongue in Cheek & Clever

UPS is a great company - unionized, has good employment practices, and is quite green. I am a stockholder and frequent customer for my business.
Just saw an odd link on the site: the UPS regifter. Their concept of regifting is that it's for ridiculous, awful gifts. Mine is more flexible - regifting is a good option for affluent people with too much stuff, like myself, who don't need much of anything. In any event, you can use their Regifter to send a photo (from their Dog Present gallery or from your pictures) to the recipient, which comes electronically, "wrapped" in a cute little animation of a UPS express box opening to reveal your photo and card. They mean it to be a joke, primarily, as well as an ad for shipping actual items, but I say - what a fun way to send things you'd happily send and some folks would be happy to have. A new utility! They even are on Facebook.

Firefox is not liking the website, but I could view it fine in Explorer.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that regifting is not just for ridiculous gifts. It's recycling in its highest form! I do think it makes sense to be careful about WHAT is regifted, and to whom. There are a set of good rules of thumb for regifting here:

Anonymous said...


My name is Sherial, and I'm one of the people from UPS who worked on the UPS Regifter. Thanks for your comments about the site, and for featuring us in your blog. Wanted to provide a quick correction, though. The link to the site is The one you provided is going someplace else.

Happy regifting!

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