Thursday, November 20, 2008

Instant Hot, Constant Headache!

As luxuries go, an Instant Hot, which supplies water hot enough for coffee and tea at the ready, is fabulous. In season, we use it constantly all day long, as well as for cooking pasta and soup. However, these guys are fragile. After a few years they start leaking, and since the mechanism is fused together they cannot be repaired. Their average longevity is just a few years - in fact the one I wrote about back when is already dead. We've replaced these more frequently than any appliance we own. If it were up to me, I wouldn't bother to buy one. Instead, get a $10 electric coil plug-in pot which heats water in a few minutes.
That said, when our last one died after only a year, we upgraded and bought a higher quality InSinkerator model WITH A THREE YEAR WARRANTY.
Sure enough, right around its first birthday, the damn thing is leaking. I can't find the paperwork from the big box store where we bought it, but see in the booklet that IF IT'S DEFECTIVE UNDER WARRANTY THEY WILL SEND A REPAIRMAN. Online, it took 3 minutes to find the name of a local rep. I called, and within 90 minutes the guy had already been here and replaced the leaker with a new unit. I didn't even need to show them the paper work, the serial number was sufficient.
Bottom line:
1) Do not buy an Instant Hot Water Dispenser!
2) If you do, buy one with a great warranty.


Traciatim said...

I wonder if the same problems would happen with a standing instant hot/water filter unit. I saw one at a home show and would really like to have one. it looks almost like a bottled water dispenser but it filters water and has an instant hot feature.

Maybe I should just do a tankless point of use water heater, that would do just as well.

kate said...

I bought an electric teapot, plug in, honestly because it was at a great price and I drink tea all day, heating it on the stove. Figured it was worth trying.

It turned out to be very versatile, for any hot water need.

I got mine at a clearance sale at Crate & Barrel. It's very durable. I now keep it at a cabin I have in the mountains.

I'm not sure what gadget you are talking about, but I also have a small thing that you insert in a cup of water to heat it, that I bring with me when I travel. It works fine.

I'm not trying to disagree with you. Just sensing the market has ALL kinds of stuff!! I'm sure what you're saying is true too!