Sunday, July 27, 2008

Walkability: Localizing Life

Liore over at To Till and To Tend posted a cool site assessing walkability. I've lived in my neighborhood for 22 years and frequently talk to people interested in moving here, since compared to other NE cities, Philadelphia homes are still quite affordable. When we bought, no one gave a thought to being car dependent. Now I stress picking a location where you can accomplish tasks and go places on foot, including being near bus and train lines. Especially for parents of young children, thinking ahead to when they can head off for an ice cream cone, a trip to the library, or to take the train to school makes everyone's life so much easier. Kids like feeling self-reliant, and for parents, not having to drive your kids for every little thing is huge. And living in a community where people walk places creates a much more cohesive sense of place.
Yesterday I attended a housewarming for Susan and TJ who bought a great big home just 2 blocks from the major thoroughfare around here. They are in walking distance of a supermarket, library, bus stop and train station, health club, indie coffee place , video store, and even a locally owned bank. Seems incredible that one can have all that, and live in a 3 story colonial with a yard. They really scored - both virtually on WalkScore, and in real life.
Here's the walkability site: WalkScore.

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Julie Hankin said...

That's very neat! My address got a score of 72 but the neighborhood I live in fared far better on the list. THat's doesn't totally make sense, but it's fun to look at the maps and their reasoning. Thanks for sharing this.