Friday, May 9, 2008

High Grades for Crate & Barrel Participating in Catalog Choice

A few posts ago I went off about Vermont Country Store sending me a letter demanding I contact them in order to stay off their mailing list, based on my having registered, through Catalog Choice, to stop receiving their catalogs. This blatant undermining of CatalogChoice really pissed me off.
Therefore I feel honor bound to also point out the better route to go: Crate & Barrel's recent email to me. It's perfect. They acknowledged and honored my wish not to receive catalogs, and they made a lot of points with me on this one. (Note the smarts of sending an email to a customer who has expressed disapproval of wasteful mailings, unlike the VCS sending her a letter!)
Here's their email, offering to send me just a few catalogs annually. I'm not taking them up on their offer, but it's a reasonable one. One reason I quit a lot of my catalogs was that they seemed to be sending them almost weekly. Our mail now is truly anemic, I am proud to say.

It's your choice.

We wish to confirm that we received your opt-out request from to discontinue receiving Crate and Barrel
catalogues. This email is to confirm that your name has already
been removed from our mailing list and all catalogues will cease
arriving at your address.

We’d also like to make you aware of our new
Catalogue Preference Request.
You can see what’s new in our
Crate and Barrel catalogues, but with significantly fewer mailings.
Just tell us your choice. Would you prefer to hear from us just
twice a year? Or maybe receive only our Holiday catalogue?
It’s your choice.

We also look forward to serving you at Crate and Barrel stores
coast to coast, and at

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Anonymous said...

Careful Betsy, the URL in the email you copied appears to be unique to you. You wouldn't want someone opting you back in. ;)