Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Donate Mags from Miles: Donate Magazine Subscriptions to Your Public High School

Yet another offer to cash in expiring air miles for magazine subscriptions arrived. The deal lover in me carefully looked at the two dozen choices; fortunately the realist in me piped up: "You don't even read the magazines you already subscribe to!" so a new plan was hatched. I couldn't let those Miles go to waste!
I posted them on my local freecycle, specifying that the miles were enough for a bunch of subscriptions and I wanted them to go to a school or community group. I quickly heard from a public high school librarian, sent her my code, numbers, and the link, and soon received this response, which made my day.

I am the librarian at Parkway NW High School. Mindy Noble let me know about your generous Skymiles magazine offer. I took advantage of it and ordered several subscriptions using the account number from your email. The site would not accept my email address, so I used yours and it worked. I guess the account number has to match the email address. Thank you very, very much. As you may know, the Philadelphia School District budget barely covers our needs, and you have helped us immensely.
She subscribed to magazines that appeal to teens, all at no cost to me. What a nice an easy way to support your local schools. And indeed she did subscribe to Business Week, one magazine I actually DO read!

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