Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Along with the Granite Countertops: Organic Gardens with Drip Irrigation

Israeli architects from the Technion have won an international prize for their design of an apartment complex which includes a 100 square foot organic garden in each unit. Their prototype is actually under construction - in Wuhan, China. It's a green building, with solar energy generation, but the individual organic gardens are wholly innovative. How neat would it be to live in a high rise (lower carbon footprint than living in a single-family home), and have not just a lovely terrace, but your own garden right there? The gardens use a non-soil growing medium, along with Israeli drip irrigation technology.
Once people have these gardens at their fingertips, all sorts of development and innovation will start happening, as they adapt to the new technology. A whole new industry to develop to supply apartment dwellers with easy to grow plants for their gardens, and cookbooks will follow.
Israel doesn't have a lot of natural resources, but it does have a lot of sun, and a lot of well-educated researchers along with high-tech folks, so look to Israel for all kinds of interesting green technologies. Without petro-dollars, a country is forced to be creative and resourceful. Israel's innovative science and high-tech products are known world-wide.
The Arava Institute, where we visited last year on their amazing bike ride, has started a renewable energy solar farm. Lots happening, even if the mood of Israel's upcoming 60th birthday is pretty somber.

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