Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Pie in Your Face, Tom Friedman!

I am quite fond of Thomas Friedman, as well as of Brown University where my son studied. I am also quite fond of Planet Earth, so I was pretty flabbergasted to read that Friedman was attacked by self-described student Greenwash Guerillas at the beginning of his Earth Day speech - with green CoolWhip. This incredibly immature, ridiculous attack resulted in a lot of media coverage for their cause, so who are the idiots here? I don't advocate this strategy, but I admit I laughed for about 5 minutes when I read about this Ivy League naughtiness on Huffington Post. (The whole incident is on YouTube, but it's not that funny to watch.) Here's the Brown Daily's direct story:

Times columnist pied in face by activist

Male accomplice threw political pamphlets

Chaz Firestone

A female audience member ran on stage last night and threw a green pie at New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who had just begun a lecture on environmentalism .... At the same time the woman threw the pie, a male accomplice seated a few rows back ran down the aisle and onto the stage, throwing small pamphlets explaining the actions into the crowd.

After the pie hit Friedman and splattered on his face and torso, the two jumped offstage.... DPS Lt. Rick Lombardi told The Herald that no party wishes to press charges.... Friedman appeared uninjured and ready to continue his lecture, titled "Hot, Flat and Crowded," but audience members encouraged him to clean himself off. He left the auditorium and returned five to 10 minutes later to deliver the lecture.

The pamphlets thrown by the male accomplice identified the pair as the "Greenwash Guerillas," who wrote that they were acting "on behalf of the earth (sic) and all true environmentalists." [The pamphlet] contains five bullet-points explaining why "Thomas Friedman deserves a pie in the face," which include reasons like "his sickeningly cheery applaud for free market capitalism's conquest of the planet," and "for helping turn environmentalism into a fake plastic consumer product for the privileged." The pamphlet declares "Thomas Friedman's 'Green' as fake and toxic to human and planetary health as the cool-whip (sic) covering his face."
These high-achieving Greenwash Guerillas will be interesting to watch. "Throwing a pie at Thomas Friedman and generating national media coverage" will not be on their resumes - no one is pressing charges. But probably Brown University is pressing Friedman's pants.

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Traciatim said...

It looks to me like this is just more evidence that environmentalism is the fight against the human race and humanities progress.