Monday, March 3, 2008

A Wise Man, A Humble Man, Biking at 83

Tonight at the Sustainability Forum Awards, Hal Tausig was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award. He is 83, and has been modeling sustainable behavior since the Depression. Seems like he didn't see any good reason to stop being frugal when the Depression ended, as long as there are so many impoverished people in the world. He is a passionate believer is social justice as well as capitalism - his view is that business can be a driver of equity and opportunity.
He told a story tonight about getting an award at a fancy New York City event. He needed to stay in a hotel but was appalled at how pricey they were, so he, in his 70's, stayed at a Youth Hostel. When the late John F. Kennedy Jr., the presenter of the award, heard this, he said, "You deserve to stay in a 5-star hotel." To which Hal replied, "As long as there are homeless people in the world, I don't believe anyone should stay in a 5-star hotel." Something to keep in mind next time you have an opportunity to go upscale....
You see why he won the award!
Oh, and he bikes to work at age 83. His employees gave him a snazzy bike recently. He wanted to sell it and give the proceeds away, but since it would have hurt his employees' feelings, he was persuaded to keep it. He reports that it's the fanciest vehicle he's ever had!

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Thanks for sharing this story..It really touched me..