Sunday, February 3, 2008

Picked Up by a Big Blog

Being picked up by a big blog does sound a bit like a horror flick, but in this case it's great. A column of mine is featured at Get Rich Slowly, a deservedly popular personal finance blog. I read about it initially in The New York Times and have found it consistently well-written, well-edited, and its author is generous about sharing information and connecting with others interested in the same topics.
My son Zach, a professional financial educator at a large union, also thinks it's an excellent source of all kinds of info on PF.
J D Roth, the guy behind Get Rich Slowly, is following his own advice. He is now out of debt and his blog generates enough income for him to take the plunge and give up his day job in his family's box factory. Hence the topic of my guest column, Working from Home. Proud to be picked up by this blog!

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Ron Robins said...

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