Sunday, December 16, 2007

Anyone Have an Extra Digital Camera for Trees for the Future?

Trees for the Future, and international organization headquartered in Silver Spring, MD, does phenomenal work - the 2007 goal has been to plant 7 million trees around the planet, and next year's goal will be even more ambitious. These trees, which they plant for $.10 each, provide multiple benefits for the villages where they work - increasing protection against soil erosion and enriching the earth itself, carbon absorption benefiting the whole overheating planet, income generation from the fruits of the trees, and jobs for those planting and tending them. Not to mention shade, beauty, and community cohesion. One of the trees, the jatropha, produces seeds so rich in oil that they can be harvested for bio-gas, adding to a sustainable energy future for the developing world.
It's one of my favorite organizations to support. I especially like that they will send a beautiful certificate inscribed with the recipient's name and the impressively large number of trees in their grove. (For $50, it's 500 trees!) For $450 you can support an entire village.
Trees for the Future is working hard to adapt new technologies to increase their communication and efficiency. On their wishlist is digitla cameras, GPS locaters, and computers for their field technicians. One idea they are developing is that if you sponsor a village, you will be able to log on and actually witness the project and its development via digital GPS systems. This level of connection and transparency is unparalleled in my experience.
Here's my story. I bought a digital camera a few years ago, but found its bulkiness a disadvantage when I traveled. Some of my photos were blurred, though most were fine. I coveted a tinier digital camera but felt guilty about buying one, since I already had a functional digital camera. When I read that Trees TFT could use my old digital, off it went to them: I indulged in my new little camera which I love. I suspect I am not the only one with an "old" functional digital sitting around!
The shipping address is Trees for the Future, 9000 16th St, Silver Spring, MD 20910-2143. You can take a take deduction for the worth of your donated items.


Anonymous said...

Just a head's up, your link to them is not working.
Thanks for this, I have a camera I want to get rid off, so it will be shipped with all the x-mas gifts.

Betsy Teutsch said...

Link is fixed. thanks, that's great! Doesn't it make you feel good to know your camera will be put to such good use?!