Saturday, November 17, 2007

Having your Wedding Cake and Eating it Too: Would You Like Chocolate, Marble, or Styrofoam?

Who knew? One cost-saving strategy for brides and groom is to rent a fake cake. It's then rolled into the kitchen, and out comes cut-up lower-priced cake to serve the hungry masses.
This from the New York Times:

“As the cost of a wedding keeps soaring, some couples are finding at least one way to cut corners: a fake cake,” Reader’s Digest reports.

With the average price of a wedding cake now at $543, it is easy to understand the appeal.

“For as low as $100, you can snag a pretty good replica made out of foam, with a secret compartment tucked in the back for hiding that special first piece,” the article states.

After the ritual cutting of the cake, the fake is taken into the kitchen and guests are then served slices of a less expensive cake.


I'm all for reusing things, but the idea of using a fake cake for a wedding picture prop strikes me as a weird way to go about cherishing the moment for posterity. On the other hand, most wedding cakes are mediocre-tasting, so this might be an improvement!


Mich said...

This makes total sense to me. I went to a wedding once where the decorative cake was very small--gorgeous, but small. They did all the pictures, then the staff served from a sheet cake. The next day, the wedding party got to see the real cake (and eat it) at the after-glow brunch!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has a cupcake shop. Check this out to see what she does for weddings:
(There's a link near the bottom of the page to see photo examples)