Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cool New Blog: DotEarth

As I've mentioned before on my blog, I am a NYTimes fan. My favorite section is Tuesday's Science Times which I save 'til the weekend, when I can sit down with it for a good hour's read. I was no fan of science classes as a student, except maybe biology, so it amazes me that I now find so many of the articles so engaging.
This Tuesday's edition announced the launch of a new New York Times blog on sustainability, the environment, and climate change, DotEarth, by Andrew Revkin, which I've added to my blogroll. I hope he will find some good news to include.... So far it's a bit bleak, but I am it to be informative and well-done.
Here is an overview statement:

By 2050 or so, the world population is expected to reach nine billion, essentially adding two Chinas to the number of people alive today. Those billions will be seeking food, water and other resources on a planet where, scientists say, humans are already shaping climate and the web of life. In Dot Earth, reporter Andrew C. Revkin examines efforts to balance human affairs with the planet’s limits. Supported in part by a John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, Mr. Revkin tracks relevant news from suburbia to Siberia, and conducts an interactive exploration of trends and ideas with readers and experts.
Cartoon by J.B. Handelsman

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Anonymous said...

I love the Science Times too. It is a source of great frustration on recycling day for Dan, since I insist on keeping all Science Times sections I haven't read cover to cover. And it DOES take an hour since it is all so interesting!! Can't wait to see the blog--thanks for the tip (and I'm continuing to greatly enjoy my popcorn lunch bag snacks!)