Monday, June 25, 2007

An Annotated Tour of the Blog World

As a baby boomer, I am well aware of my peers' blogophobia. There is a sense that the blog world is a black hole of self-indulgent writing that couldn't possibly be interesting, and is in itself mysterious and confusing.
It is true you can spend all day reading blogs, and I don't recommend it, but there is a lot of great info and writing out there, and it's neat to see how they build on each other and share information.
Check out these blog carnivals, to sample a flavor of the blogosphere's diversity. I submitted posts to these two carnivals, which were included. Enjoy!
Betsy - MoneyChangesThings

The Digerati Life
is one of my favorites - written from Silicon Valley, it covers a wide range of topics from a young professional perspective - balancing work, family, and time. This week they've hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance. This genre covers an immense range of topics, as you'll see. (my post on Freegans: Neo-Hunters and Gatherers is included in the Frugal section.)

Retire Young and Wealthy (I know, it's an out-there title, but that's life in blogland) hosted a Carnival of Money Stories, including my $300 Ethics Reward post. QueerCents has written a thoughtful piece on how differing financial styles create conflict and discord in otherwise harmonious relationships, something people of any income can relate to and learn from.

and to my faithful Connecticutt reader, MS - "The Blog" up on the left is FOR YOU!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of me!! She looks exactly like Aneta Corsaut did in the 1958 Movie. That movie still has the best trailer ever made. Just a huge blog (oops- blob) wiping away everything in its path and a lot of screaming people. My kind of movie!

Reading your blog has provided a great deal of helpful and useful information for me and your other faithful readers. Keep up the good work!