Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Green Dimes: Doing Well By Doing Good on World Malaria Day

I just read a great description of GreenDimes: a socially conscious consumer lifestyle company that helps individuals and businesses create social change through environmentally sound products and services. In March I wrote about GreenDimes, a junk mail reduction service, and something very cool happened. They linked my article, and as a new blogger, man it was exciting to get over 2000 hits over last weekend! Way to go, GreenDimes!

They've just added something new to their socially responsible mission. In addition to planting trees through Trees for the Future on behalf of each subscriber, they are also donating an anti-malaria net for each new member. Today is the UN-sponsored World Malaria Day, who knew? This initiative is called Nothing but Nets. Each net helps one child avoid deadly malaria. (Did you know that one nasty impact of global warming is the increase in habitat friendly to mosquito incubation, the carriers of malaria?)
So a membership in GreenDimes, just $36 a year

  • reduces your junk mail, simplifying your life
  • reduces wasted paper, and the fossil fuel used to transport it
  • plants a tree in your honor and
  • provides malaria protection for a child.
Is that green, socially responsible philanthropic capitalism, or what?!
Since I'm getting a lot of GreenDimers here at MoneyChangesThings, please tell us how the junk mail reduction is going.

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