Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Better World Auto Club

Belonging to AAA was just one of those things we always did - kind of like voting and paying taxes. But through environmental circles I began to hear that they do a lot of lobbying against environmental standards. We discovered that the AARP roadside service is equivalent and cheaper.
Another cheaper option is Better World Auto Club. I don't subscribe to their service, but I do get their monthly e-newsletter Kicking Asphalt because it's really clever and informative. They offer bikers roadside service, carbon offsets for your first 2000 miles and hybrid car rentals. And they are not the typical global warming deniers - they've signed on to the McCain Lieberman bill. So if you're in the market for roadside service, here's a way to save a few $ and support a really interesting company.
They promote one of my favorite policies (though are not quite yet offering), Pay as You Drive insurance. Car insurance is a fixed annual cost, and a huge one at that. PAYD would incentivize driving less.

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